bridging cultures

Welcome to this site that complements ongoing efforts by the East-West Center’s Asian Studies Development Program’s multi-year NEH grant to internationalize undergraduate humanities teaching and learning, to bring institutional commitments to diversity more powerfully into the undergraduate classroom, and to encourage both pedagogical and public engagement with issues of civility on participating campuses.

ASDP has organized a series of activities aimed at enabling community college faculty to develop curricula that explore how, in various historical contexts, Asian cultures and societies have themselves addressed issues of civility and cultural difference, and to encourage consideration of the continued relevance of these approaches, both in Asia and globally. Crucial to this exploration will be developing a shared set of resources for thinking critically about civility, considering how different conceptions of civility reflect different understandings of personhood and community, and how they affect the ways in which cultural plurality is engaged, both within and among societies.

Please join us in this journey.

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